Do you feel nervous before or during a session because you don't know what pose or prompt to do next? 
Do you wish you had more bookings on your calendar so you could make more money AND improve your portfolio?

Hey Family Photographer-
are you ready to upgrade your side-gig into a thriving business?

Are you struggling to consistently make enough money?
Does six-figures sound impossible?

Hey Family

Avoid three common posing mistakes and start creating the pictures your clients really want to hang on their wall!

When it comes to posing, it's hard to make everyone look good and to easily flow from one pose to the next...

...and filling up your calendar is harder than you thought

I really studied posing and combined that knowlege with marketing tools that worked...

...and it changed everything. I was getting regular inquiries from dream clients that found me on Google, lots of referrals, and feedback from existing clients who were in love with their galleries! After four years of growing my business 50-100% on repeat, I'm now teaching other photographers like YOU, how you can do the exact same thing.

Several years ago when I sent my youngest to all-day school I decided it was time to turn my side hustle into a real job. 


So if you're ready to scale your photography business

There's a new way to do it....


I know you think you need to take better pictures to make more money, but what you acutally need is better pictures with an effective marketing strategy. So it's great you're here, because I have both for you....

When I set out to improve my portfolio, I wanted to create better classic portraits where everyone looked comfortable and natural, in addition to creating candids full of life and personality. I was frustrated that the only information I could find for families was about creating un-posed, lifestyle images. I wanted to deliver both and be great at both! 

I spent years analyzing what made a good portrait and then practiced what I learned on hundreds of families. Now I'm teaching the information I wish I could have found when I needed it, along with the marketing strategies I used so you can completely transform your business!

I can't wait to teach you everything I know

Hey, I'm Lexi

for photographers ready to make more money

...and take their business to the next level

You already have some paying clients and preferably a website

You are ready to expand your business and make more money

You want to grow, but you don't know what else to do. You're posting on social media, but still not getting enough inquiries

You understand your camera well enough that you can focus on posing while you're shooting

Wondering if Family Photography Formula is right for you? This class is made for you if...

Can you check three of these boxes? If so, you're a perfect fit

consistently book more clients

You'll learn to...

Pose your clients without feeling stressed out



create natural and relaxed family portraits

Want to get reviews like this?

I hired Lexi for a photoshoot and some video of me and my family while on vacation in Utah. I was amazed by her work online and decided to give her a try with no reference. She suprised me with her professionalism & her attention to detail, as well as her customer service. When we had the actual shoot she was a doll to work with and she knew how to manage my two very small children (4&6) perfectly. We referred her to some friends & they only had good things to say as well. We will be using her next year again during our annual vacation in Utah 100%! Thank you so much Lexi!"

They are PERFECTION. Truly, I am so so happy with them! The lighting, the colors, the posing, it’s all exactly what I wanted. My husband hates getting photos taken and was dreading our session so much. The first thing he said when we got in the car afterward was “that was the least painful photography experience I’ve ever had. Lexi was amazing.” I’m not making that up, he seriously said that. You were awesome to work with and we love the images.

Here's what student's have to say...

My struggle was just not feeling confident with my posing instructions. I didn't want my clients to feel awkward. I want them to feel like I know exactly what to do and am there to help them so they could relax. After taking Lexis class I feel much more confident and get excited instead nervous for up coming shoots.
-Courtney Gillis Photography

Even as a photographer that has been taking photos for years I learned so much from Lexi. I have loved the tips and tricks that she uses interacting with her clients. Not jut during the session but pre/post session communication has been a game changer. Lexi has such great insight and I am so happy that I was able to learn from her and take this course!
-BreAnne Gatherum

Lexi shares her 12 + years of knowledge and experience in a way that makes sense and empowers you to move forward in your own photography journey. Her honest feedback was not only enlighting but also encouraging. I felt so comfortable asking
 questions and sharing my work because I knew she would celebrate my wins while also pointing out what I needed to improve.  I no longer feel stuck in how to pose a family. I have the core guidelines Lexi taught me to look for and the puzzle just comes together.
-Mary Mills

This course has been a game changer for me. I felt so inadequate when it came to traditional posing, but this course has helped to build my confidence in what looks natural. I feel much more able to create images that I'm proud of and that make my clients happy.  
-Jenni Brinkerhoff

Here's what to expect...

then everything changed

Week One-
Building a Portrait the Lexi Rae Way

You'll learn:
-The Lexi Rae way to set up a portrait
-How to direct clients before and during your session
-How you can get natural expressions
-You'll get a copy of what I tell all my clients before each shoot for your camera bag
-You'll get a copy of my client pre-shoot questionnaire

Week Two-
Body Language

You'll learn:
-How you can create relaxed body language to make a polished portrait
-How to use body language to tell your clients story
-How to spot common mistakes and fix them while you're shooting
-Notice when something doesn't look right AND know how to fix it

Week Three-
Session Flow

You'll learn:
-The exact framework I use for every session
-How to flow from one pose to the next without getting stuck 
-How to create incredible candid images while shooting for classic portraits
-How to add variety to your gallery
-You will get a copy of my session framework for your camera bag

Week Four-
Impressing Mom

You'll learn:
-How to make sure Mom likes the way she looks and enjoys her experience
-How to work with teenagers
-How to get Dad on board
-How to deliver a gallery Mom is in love with
-How to create figure flattering poses for every person you work with
-You will get a copy of my client communication emails to improve your client experience, and save time

Week Five- 
Marketing Strategies

You'll learn:
-How to get repeat business
-How to increase your referral rate
-How to attract new business
-SEO strategies I used to get to page one on Google
-Use social media to sell your services without being "salesy"
-How to grow on Instagram as a photographer


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Work with a coach that has been there! This is not just another course you can buy and do at your own pace (and not finish). This is a coaching program with direct access to a coach that has been where you are and knows how to get you you can book more clients, make more money, and finally take your side-gig to the money you dream of every month.

What sets Family Photography Formula Apart?


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How long will it take me to make my investment back?

How much time will this take? I'm busy.

How long do I have access to the program?

Plan to invest 2-4 hours per week either watching the lessons, or practicing what you learned

You have lifetime access to the lessons, VIP members will get Voxer access during the 5-week program

If you are willing to put in the work, you should be able to make your money back within 4 months of enrollment

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5 weeks of lessons on family posing and marketing strategies

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6 mo. payment plan

6 mo. payment plan
   $147 / month

5 weeks of lessons covering family portrait posing, candid posing, family session workflow and successful marketing strategies ($1500 value)

Personalized LIVE website and Instagram page audit on Zoom ($1000 value)

Five live coaching calls where you can submit work, ask questions, and get feedback ($2500 value)

Fill in the blank email templates, shot list, client questionnaire, what to wear guide ($500 value)

5 weeks daily support with Lexi M-F in Voxer, direct feedback on posing, Instagram reels, portfolio review, SEO
($1500 value)

5 weeks of lessons covering family portrait posing, candid posing, family session workflow and successful marketing strategies ($1500 value)

Personalized LIVE pre-recorded website audit and Instagram page audit ($1000 value)

Five One live coaching call where you can submit work, ask questions, and get feedback ($500 value)

Fill in the blank email templates, shot list, client questionnaire, what to wear guide template ($500 value)


5 weeks daily support with Lexi M-F in Voxer, direct feedback on posing, Instagram reels, portfolio review, SEO ($1500 value)

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