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Hey family Photographers- 


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Need more help on what to wear for family pictures? You don't have to hire me, to get the info I give to all my clients! Help your clients (or yourself) figure out what to wear. Once your clients get a few pointers, outfitting their family won’t feel so stressful for them. Plus, when clients look amazing, your portfolio will automatically look more professional. It’s a win-win!

Whether you're a photographer or a Mom prepping for pictures, this What to Wear Guide is a game-changer!

The Lexi Rae What to Wear Guide

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My Amazon shop, has hand picked items that I know will photograph well. So whether you are starting from scratch, or just need to fill in a few holes to complete your look, make outfitting your family as easy as ordering on Amazon. Go check it out!

Stop stressing about what to wear for family picutres

Stressing about what to wear for pictures is SO common. 

Whether you're a mom needing help getting your own family ready for pictures, or a photographer needing a template to help your clients, I've got something for you. Check out my Amazon shop of items curated specifically for family pictures, or take it a step further and purchase my Guide to teach you how to put it all together (without having to buy 100 extra things to return later). You'll have all the info to stop stressing and put your families outfits together quickly and look amazing.

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