Feel confident and look good in your pictures by:
Understanding how to POSE yourself so you look AND feel comfortable in front of the camera
Avoiding common posing mistakes people often make when a camera comes out
Learning tips that will help your session run more smoothly

You might think you just aren't "photogenic" or that you're awkward in front of the camera, but what you don't know, is that you can look great in photos RIGHT NOW.  So, it's great you're here because I can teach my tried and true ways to looking amazing in photos

Hey There Mama...

Imagine getting your family photos back and actually loving the way you look

Let's be honest though...when it comes to posing, it's hard not to freeze up when you see a camera...

...and finding a photographer that gives you enough direction during your session is harder than you thought

My account exploded with interested Moms who wanted more info on how to look better in their photos

.... and I was getting lots of referrals and inquiries because clients knew I could make them look good in their photos. And now I can help YOU even if you don't live close enough to hire me....

Several years ago, i decided to study posing while sharing my posing knowledge on instagram

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So if you're ready to love your family photos

by learning easy to follow posing tips no matter who your photographer is...

When I set out to improve my portfolio, I wanted to create better classic portraits where everyone looked comfortable and natural, in addition to creating candids full of life and personality. I was frustrated that the only information I could find for families was about creating un-posed, lifestyle images. I wanted to deliver both and be great at both! 

I spent years analyzing what made a good portrait and then practiced what I learned on hundreds of families. Now I'm teaching that information to Moms so you can look good and like your pictures, even if you can't hire me.

I can't wait to teach you all the posing tips you can control while getting your photos taken 

Hey, I'm Lexi


for Moms ready to learn posing

...and start loving their family photos

feel confident in front of the camera

You'll learn to...

help your photographer give you the best gallery possible

get natural smiles from your kids

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Look natural and relaxed in family portraits

Want to feel like this when you look at your photos?

As stressful as it was for me getting my children all ready, Lexi helped me feel calm. In such short time, on a beautiful afternoon, Lexi was able to capture amazing candids and great family photos with everyone looking and smiling at the same time, which is an art!
-Cyd V.

Lexi was so good at getting natural expressions from my girls! I am a photographer myself and have always had such a hard time getting my 3- year-old to look at my camera for a photo. I was very impressed with how Lexi was able to draw out each of their personalities and I absolutely love looking at the photos on my wall each day!
-Hannah C.

I'm in tears! They are so perfect! I've spent the last hour pouring over each one. Thank you for capturing this one moment in time...I wish it would freeze right here.
-Tamara H.

They are PERFECTION. Truly, I am so so happy with them! The lighting, the colors, the posing, it’s all exactly what I wanted. My husband hates getting photos taken and was dreading our session so much. The first thing he said when we got in the car afterward was “that was the least painful photography experience I’ve ever had. Lexi was amazing.” I’m not making that up, he seriously said that. You were awesome to work with and we love the images.
-Mackenzie H.

Here's what to expect...

then everything changed

Module One-
Learning the basics

You'll learn:
-General Instructions I give my clients before every session
-What to do with your hands during your session
-How to stand during your session to look natural and comfortable
-Which stances exaggerate your size and which ones slim you out (part 1)

module Two-
Body Language

You'll learn:

-How to look relaxed in all your pictures
-How certain positions can slim you out, or exaggerate your size (part 2) 
-How to pose to avoid or minimize a double chin

module 3-
getting the best looking-and-smiling photo

You'll learn:

-Where to start when building a family portrait
-Ways to look your best for the family pictures where everyone is looking and smiling
-Techniques to get the best possible gallery

module four-
natural smiles

You'll learn:

-Favorite games for natural smiles
-How to increase your chances of getting natural smiles
-Things you're doing that actually make your pictures worse

module five- 
managing heights differences

You'll learn:

-How to pose when everyone is the same height
-How to get a great portrait when parents are much taller than their kids
-How to pose for pictures when the parents have a big height difference

module six-
more advice for mom for better photos

You'll learn:

-Tips for working with families with older kids
-How to get the best sibling shots
-How to get the perfect walking shot
-How to make the most of your session
-Posing tips for an amazing picture with your sisters 
-So much more....

Learn from a photographer who has been there! I'm a Mom of four kids and I know how much work family photos are. I know how frustrating it can be to not like your photos and how awkward it can be when you don't get enough direction from your photographer.

This is a class designed FOR MOMS, by a mom, who knows ALL the things you can do to look your best in your pictures.

What sets Better Family Photos For Moms Apart


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