Posing and What-To-wear-tips, and a peek at some of my latest work


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My photography business grew from a desire to learn how to take professional portraits of my kids, while also capturing the cute and sweet moments of their childhood. Their portraits and candid images are such a treasure to me now which is why my photography style has evolved into what it is today - family portraits with candid moments mixed in to capture personalities and family relationships

I'm Lexi


Hey Family

Avoid three common posing mistakes and start creating the pictures your clients really want to hang on their wall!

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Choosing the best location for family photos can be a challenge. The best location for family photos is one that resonates with your family’s personality, provides good lighting, and offers a background that complements your vision for the photos. Keep in mind that the location should serve as a backdrop to showcase the love and […]

Choosing the Best Location for Family Photos


Utah Family Photography

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Use This Trick to Find Family Photo Outfit Ideas You’ll Love Choosing outfits for family pictures can be a difficult process. Notice how the DIY master, Mysha (@remingtonavenue, chose complimentary colors. She knew she’d be standing near red/orange rock so she chose to wear blue. Why did she choose blue you might ask? Well blue […]

Find Family Photo Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Utah Family Photographer

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Tibblefork Reservoir is a popular spot for wedding and family photographers in Utah. You can have your session in the woods, by the water, along the dam, or walk up the hill to this spot which is my personal favorite. It totally changes the perspective, gives great views of the mountains, and the pine trees make […]

Tibblefork Reservoir, Utah Family Photographer


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This family had a son leaving Utah on a mission to Alaska so it was important to get a family picture taken since they wouldn’t all be together again for a couple of years. They’d done mountain sessions in the past so we did Saltair for a change. The white building wall, and the white […]

Utah Family Photography at Saltair

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Utah can have some pretty unpredictable weather in the Fall. This shoot had clear skies but it was one of my coldest of the whole year even though it hadn’t snowed yet. You never know, it could be 30 degrees or 60 up at Tibblefork and there’s really no way of knowing what the weather […]

Late Fall Photography, Utah, American Fork Canyon