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 Photography Classes, One-On-One Mentoring


Are you tired of trying to take good pictures of your friends and family and only end up frustrated? Are you wasting hours sifting though a sea of free tutorials on YouTube? Believe me, I’ve been there. Don’t waste another minute of your precious time. I’ve streamlined everything I’ve learned over the last ten years into three classes that will have you taking beautiful pictures. By the time you’re done you’ll even know how to run a photo session so you can start earning money as a photographer!


Photography Class, Mentoring


Once you have a good handle on how to work your camera, and you know how to find and create pretty light, this next class is for you. You can know every technical detail, but you’ll only get pictures you’re proud of by knowing how to work with your clients the right way.


Photography Classes, Mentorship


Practice, Practice, Practice. The reason I’m where I am today is because I kept shooting! Literally hundreds of sessions later, I’ve leaned a thing or two about running shoots with EVERY kind of personality. Because of that, I think you will learn the most from a live event. I will set up models at a great location where you can put into practice everything you’ve learned and start building your portfolio. Plus you’ll learn my editing workflow!


Utah Photography Class, Mentoring


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Want to check out what type of images you can create after mentoring with me? Check out this recent photoshoot on my blog: Senior Session

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