Posing and What-To-wear-tips, and a peek at some of my latest work


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My photography business grew from a desire to learn how to take professional portraits of my kids, while also capturing the cute and sweet moments of their childhood. Their portraits and candid images are such a treasure to me now which is why my photography style has evolved into what it is today - family portraits with candid moments mixed in to capture personalities and family relationships

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Avoid three common posing mistakes and start creating the pictures your clients really want to hang on their wall!

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Once you have scheduled your photography appointment and picked a location, the hardest part is choosing what to wear! Today I’m sharing my favorite tip for choosing family outfits for your upcoming session. Here it is: start with moms outfit and then find pieces to coordinate for the rest of the family. Not sure where […]

Tip for Choosing Family Outfits

What to Wear

Utah Winter Family Photography, Jordan Pines

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Big Cottonwood Canyon is the perfect place for Utah Mountain Family Photography. It’s that time of year again when the world transforms into a winter wonderland. When the opportunity arises for capturing those family photography moments in the snow you must take it. As you gear up for your snowy photography session, I’ve got your back […]

Utah Mountain Family Photography – What to Wear

utah county extended family photographer

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As an Utah County Family photographer, I’ve seen a wide range of outfit choices for family photo sessions. Here are three color palettes you can use when making your outfit choices for family photos: Classic neutrals. Neutral colors, like black, white, and beige, can create a timeless and sophisticated look in family photos. These colors […]

Utah County Family Photographer

What to Wear