Posing and What-To-wear-tips, and a peek at some of my latest work


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My photography business grew from a desire to learn how to take professional portraits of my kids, while also capturing the cute and sweet moments of their childhood. Their portraits and candid images are such a treasure to me now which is why my photography style has evolved into what it is today - family portraits with candid moments mixed in to capture personalities and family relationships

I'm Lexi


Hey Family

Avoid three common posing mistakes and start creating the pictures your clients really want to hang on their wall!

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Raise your hand if you love your pets…I know I do. I believe that pets are an integral part of your family story and including your family pet in your upcoming family session is a fun way to capture the real connections and relationships you have. Here are some tips to create a seamless and […]

Pet Friendly Photography Session


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One of my favorite things about family photography sessions is capturing the love of each family. I am going to share with you my most used posing tip for a beautiful family photo. Posing tip: get close! Want all of my posing tips in one place? Get my Posing Tips for Moms Course. Get Close […]

Posing Tip: Get Close

utah extended family photographer taking picture of family

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Wondering How To Pose For Your Utah Summer Family Pictures? Here’s a tip to make sure you all look your best at your Utah family photo session, your photographer will thank you for know this…. Try not to lock your knees! Stiffening your joints can make you look really uncomfortable, instead shift your weight to […]

Utah Summer Family Pictures


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I have loved sharing some of my favorite posing tips on the blog. Today, let’s dive into the art of capturing siblings in their element, because let’s face it, those sibling bonds are truly something special. It doesn’t matter if they are little or big, sibling photos are a must during a family photography session. […]

Posing Tips for Siblings

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You have done all the planning and prepping for your family photography session. You show up looking amazing. The camera comes out and…now what?  Today I’m spilling some posing tips on what to do with your hands so that you will love the way you look in your photos.   Want to learn all of my […]

Love the way you look in your photos

Posing Tips

utah family photography posing guide

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Posing Tips

Feeling awkward in front of the camera? Keep reading to get my free posing guide for your family pictures geared to help moms feel comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes it’s hard to find a photographer who will give you enough direction during your shoot so you look good, you don’t have to rely […]

Free Posing Guide For Your Family Pictures

Tibblefork Reservoir Photography

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Are you stuck wondering how to pose in your family photos? Are you suddenly aware that you have hands with no ideas of what to do with them? You’re not alone. I’ve got some free posing tips for you, so read on…. Check out my free guide to help you look good in your family […]

Posing Tips for Better Family Photos