Posing and What-To-wear-tips, and a peek at some of my latest work


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My photography business grew from a desire to learn how to take professional portraits of my kids, while also capturing the cute and sweet moments of their childhood. Their portraits and candid images are such a treasure to me now which is why my photography style has evolved into what it is today - family portraits with candid moments mixed in to capture personalities and family relationships

I'm Lexi


Hey Family

Avoid three common posing mistakes and start creating the pictures your clients really want to hang on their wall!

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Raise your hand if you love your pets…I know I do. I believe that pets are an integral part of your family story and including your family pet in your upcoming family session is a fun way to capture the real connections and relationships you have. Here are some tips to create a seamless and […]

Pet Friendly Photography Session


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Extended Family

Planning an extended family photography session is a wonderful opportunity to capture the love and connection shared across generations. However, coordinating multiple family members can be a bit challenging. To help you get the most out of your session, here are three tips I share with my clients to make their session be the very […]

Extended Family Photography Session

utah extended family photographer taking picture of family

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Wondering How To Pose For Your Utah Summer Family Pictures? Here’s a tip to make sure you all look your best at your Utah family photo session, your photographer will thank you for know this…. Try not to lock your knees! Stiffening your joints can make you look really uncomfortable, instead shift your weight to […]

Utah Summer Family Pictures


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Summer is such a great time to schedule your family photography session. The relaxed pace, often free from the hectic schedules of the school year, allows families to find a time that works for everyone without the stress of juggling multiple commitments. Summer also offers a variety of fun, outdoor settings such as beaches, parks, […]

Consider This: Summer Family Photography Session

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Are you ready to schedule your next family photography session but don’t know where to start or what to do? Let me make it easy for you by giving you my Family Photography Session Checklist.  You can download the quick checklist printable HERE and then read below for all the details.    1-3 Months Before […]

Family Photography Session Checklist


Saltair, Utah Photoshoot, Utah Photographer

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Saltair is one of the coolest places for family pictures, engagement pictures, senior pictures, basically all forms of photography in Utah. The wide barren expanse, the incredible sunsets, and the reflections are all amazing! You can get a super cool minimalist look, much like what you can get at the Salt Flats (only a little […]

Five Things You Should Know Before You Shoot at Saltiar